About Us

Malaysia Turkey Cultural Association (MTCA) was established in the year 2010. Our association is a cultural association that plans to be a bridge between the citizens of Malaysia and Turkey through the translations of the Risale-i Nur Collections which was written by the great Turkish scholar of the 20th century, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi.
We are also organised some cultural activities to develop the cultural relationship between the two nations. Hopefully, with the presence of the books translated by MTCA, the Islamic community in Malaysia and abroad can further broaden their Islamic horizons, increase the quality of faith, and present a peaceful face of Islam based on the Qur’an and Sunnah.

To carry out the translation of the full Risale-i Nur collections.
To print books and reading materials related to the Risale-i Nur translations. 
To produce audiovisual materials related to the teachings of Risale-i Nur. 
To engage people of the two countries in activities related to the understanding of Resale-I Nur through workshops, seminars and reading camps.
To be able to present the complete teachings of Risale-i Nur for the progress of this world and the next world to all levels of the society of the two nations effectively.

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