The Risale-i Nur, Politics and Dominant Currents

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Question: How does Risale-i Nur look to the politics? Does it interfere with political currents? How should we see this matter?

Answer: “I seek refuge in Allah from the devil and politics” is a famous saying of Ustad Bediuzzaman. But for a better understanding, here we quote some paragraphs out of many parts pertain to the politics:

Let’s not dare to intervene in the will of Allah to the degree of accusing the Fate, for the evil things which are inherited today and were gained by our bad actions, the propaganda of politics whose capital is of lie and falsity. (p.236, Barla Lahikası)

Because, in this area, it is clearly understood by all that, I am not concerned with the currents of politics, in fact we are occupied only with the truths of religion. If now here, someone acts opposed to us, it cannot be on account of the government; because our profession is not political. (p.282, Barla Lahikası)

In this age, there are so extraordinary dominant currents that, for it takes everything on its own account, supposing that if the Person who is truly expected and will come after one century, comes in this time; due to not having his actions snatched to those currents, he will abandon the situation in the world of politics and change his target, I guess.

Also, there are three matters: One is life, one is shariah, one is Belief. In the aspect of truth, the most important and the greatest is the matter of Belief. However, in the eyes of the present public and in the compulsions of the condition of the world, for the most important matter seems to be life and shariah, if that Person exists even now, for changing the status of the three matters together all over the globe is not congruent with the laws of creation running within the humankind, in any case making the greatest matter the essential, he will not make other matters fundamental. So that, may the service of Belief not spoil its purity in the eyes of the all, and become a reality in the minds of the commons which can quickly be deluded that, this service is not an instrument to other purposes. (p.86, Kastamonu Lahikası)

Question: You say in your reply to us: “The one follows the wide political circles with curiosity, gets damaged in the duties inside the small circles.” We want the explanation of this?

Answer: Our Master says: Yes, in this time with curiosity, by radio, seriously concerning, the ones wonder, look and pays attention to the struggles in the globe; it has a lot of harms materially and spiritually. Either he dissolves his mind, becomes an immaterial lunatic, or dissolves his heart, becomes an immaterial irreligious, or dissolves his thought, becomes an immaterial foreigner.

Yes, I saw myself, with an unnecessary curiosity, two common a religious men -he has affiliation with the knowledge onwards- a sadness to the degree of crying, with the defeat of an unbeliever who had been an enemy of Islam from of old; and I saw his happiness from the defeat of the Sayyids Jamaat of the Ahlal-Bayt against a non-believer. Such a common man, for the sake of an irrelevant wide circle of the politics, to prefer such an unbeliever enemy to a mujahid sayyid, isn’t a most strange example of lunacy and dissolving the mind? (p.46, Kastamonu Lahikası)

Cave, cave! Don’t let the currents of the world, especially the currents of politics and particularly the currents look to the external throw you into the break-up; ruin against the astray parties united before you. Instead of the principle of the Most Merciful (love for Allah and hatred for Allah)  (we take refuge in God) The evil principle “love for the politics and hatred for the politics” dominates, enmity to a brother of truth like an angel and with love and favour to a friend of politics like a “hannas” (delusive devil) complying his tyranny, don’t let him associate with its crime immaterially. (p.129, Kastamonu Lahikası)

But the ones who have reason the least little bit, have understood that only Nur (light) exists in our hands and not the mace of politics. (p.198, Emirdağ Lahikası)

And since in this age, above all, the service of belief is a most important duty; also quantity has less importance compare to the quality; also temporary and unstable worlds of politics are insignificant compare to the eternal, permanent, constant services of Belief; cannot be comparison, either support. (p.84, Kastamonu Lahikası)

Also, in the point of belief and truth, this kind of curiosities have big harms. Because, the widest circle which will give heedlessness and make drowned to the world, will cause to forget the hereafter and real duty of the humanity is the circle of politics. (p.101, Emirdağ Lahikası)

Yes, it is only The Risale-i Nur that will stop the current of absolute unbelief comes from the north. Politics, diplomacy cannot perform this duty. That’s because, patriot and nationalist and politicians, there’s obligation to embrace the Nur’s (lights).(p.247 Emirdağ Lahikası)

My life passed up to here was a status of patriotism. I was having the sense of servicing to the religion with politics way. But, from now on, I totally turned away from the world and according to my own term I buried “Old Said”. I’ve withdrawn from the world as being entirely a man of the next world “New Said”. With a complete seclusion, sometime retired into “Yuşa Hill” of Istanbul. Afterwards, going to Bitlis and Van side, the place where I was born, I retreated to caves, alone with my spiritual and conscientious pleasure. I dived into my own spiritual world with the principle of  (I seek refuge in Allah from the devil and politics) and spending time with survey and studying of the Noble Qur’an, began to live as the “New Said”. (p.358, Emirdağ Lahikası)

Because, it’s not looked with the sight of favoritism to the ones coming for the lesson of Belief. Friend or foe; it doesn’t matter in the lecture. Whereas, favoritism of politics damages this meaning. The sincerity is broken. For that reason, standing against the incomporable tortures and distresses, Nurcu’es did not make the Nur an instrument to anything; did not turn a hand to the mace of politics. (p.432, Emirdağ Lahikası)

Politics Based On Self-Interest Is Savagery

The politics of the present, which is founded on self-interest, is a rapacious beast.

If you feign affection for a ravenous beast, you will not attract its compassion but will whet its appetite. Then it will turn on you, and both its claws and fangs will want their rent from you. (p.707, The Words)

Politics Are a Satan in the World of Ideas; One Should Seek Refuge With God From Them

The politics of civilization sacrifice the minority for the comfort of the majority. Indeed, the despotic minority sacrifices the majority of people for themselves. Qur’anic justice would not take the life of a single innocent, spill their blood, or sacrifice him even for all mankind, let alone the majority. (p.717, The Words)

Not to interfere in the politics and work of administration and the government’s job as much as possible, is a fundamental rule of the students of the Risale-i Nur. Because, the sincerely service of Quran suffices them at all cost. Also, now among the strong dominant currents, noone can preserve his freedom and sincerety. In any case, a current will take his movementon its own account, make a tool of its worldly aim, ruin the sacredness of that service. (p.205, SiracunNur)


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